A dark world aches for a splash of the sun

"Even attempting recovery is showing strength."
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There’s a big difference between not wanting someone dead and being in love with them, Scott,” Stiles says. - I’ve Wasted My Lies

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do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed

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A Few Thoughts on Aos Episode 19 (Spoilers)


Okay, I ended up not being able to sleep so I’m writing this now. I’ve been writing in-depth metas for the past few episodes, and some people requested I write one for this too, so here goes. 

First, names are important. The first 16 episodes, we see an Agent Grant Ward, who seems to care about doing things alone, lives for his job as a specialist, has some anger issues and is gruff and do-it-alone but actually cares when it comes down to it. Grant Ward literal meaning= Great Protector. That’s the Ward we thought we knew. This Ward, Grant Douglas Ward? Well, Douglas literally means “out of the dark water” or just “dark.” 

Do you remember “The Well?” Dark water? How about “out of the shadows and into the light.” So we have “Great Dark Protector,” and I think that this is really significant. Marvel, you fuckers. 

Anyway, moving on. We learn more about Ward’s past here, and you guys, I’ve said it before, but this is so, so important. Grant Ward is not just an abuse victim, he was a victim forced to abuse others. This is exactly what Garrett is asking of him. When Ward joined SHIELD, he traded in one abusive big brother for another, except that Garrett’s came with the promise of purpose and the kind of strength that was supposed to prevent Grant Ward from ever feeling anything again. 

“You can’t choose to feel.”

“Usually I can.” 

Skye is the game-changer, as she always is. She is literally the only person in his life who has told him, “You don’t have to be" the person he was; the person that other people had created. 

I’ll admit, this episode was hard for me because we see Ward’s brutality (in murdering Koenig and then kissing Skye like nothing important had happened). but it was also really important to me because we see that these two personalities he’s been keeping up for so long are starting to slide together. That moment when he roughly grabs Skye’s hand and tells her they need to go? That’s not the Grant Ward she’s supposed to know, but Ward is too lost (and smitten) to realize that Skye’s reaction is not the Skye he knows. 

Also, I really appreciated that we see the parallel of Ward’s cold brutality (Koenig’s murder), and then immediately after we see him confessing the brutality of his childhood to Skye. What Ward has done is inexcusable, but it is understandable. And that’s really important to me.

Interestingly enough, there was a major shift in the Skye/Ward relationship, and it proved what a few of us have been saying all along: Skye is not a weak, precious baby who needs to be protected. Skye has her skeletons, her lonely childhood, a past rougher than I think we really know yet. And Skye is strong. Damn, is Skye strong. And quick and smart, and yes, her heart is breaking, but Skye recovers so quickly, and that just makes me admire her more. If she’s that strong, she must have been through hell, but despite all that, she still chooses to be a person with compassion and hope (something Coulson mentioned about her “just when I thought I’d be destroying her faith in humanity she restored a little piece of mine” or something along those lines). 

And I think this is why Ward falls in love with her: she’s had this shitty past, but she’s strong enough to transcend it, and that’s not something he’s ever been able to do. And yea, maybe his childhood was ten times worse than hers, but I think Ward loves that this girl can reach past tough exteriors and still see hope. Has anyone else noticed that everytime Ward is honest with Skye, he reveals this incredible weight of guilt he carries? (“Whatever punishment… I deserve it.” “And if I do die, I deserve it.” “You think I don’t have skeletons?" "It’s different… you’re good… I am not a good man, Skye."). So I think Ward is seeing the way Skye has effectively redeemed her past, and craves that more than he knows. 

I have to say, I love that Skye discovered him before anyone else. Before Skye is suspicious, she’s in Koenig’s office looking for him, and Ward appears behind her, startling her, because he’s still one step ahead of her. After Skye discovers Koenig’s body and Ward comes looking for her, Ward is checking the closet door, and Skye appears behind him, startling him, because now she’s ten steps ahead of him and he has no idea. Sorry, random detail-oriented-me ranting. 

Interestingly enough, that ultimatum Garrett gave him didn’t become a necessity (“cross off the team and bring the girl to me”), because Fitzsimmons, Trip, and Coulson went off in search of the cellist and blackout, and May left on her own. That means I am still convinced Ward actually cares for his team (not just Skye), and that choice will come in the finale, probably.

Which brings me to another moment that I thought was important: when Simmons cleans him up and Fitz is being adorable and getting in the way. When Simmons tells him to rest, it’s not as a doctor or agent, obviously, it’s because she considers Ward a friend. It may seem obvious, but Ward nods curtly and says “Understood” like it’s an order, because all Grant Ward understands is orders. 

Hit your younger brother. 

Shoot Agent Hand. 

"When you get orders, you don’t question them. No matter the price.”

Second thought: Ward always thinks in terms of weapon. The difference between an egg and a rock? The rock is a weapon. What’s in the box? A pistol, another weapon. 

Grant Ward thinks in terms of orders and weapons, because he has never known anything else. Because he has been used as a weapon for so long he forgets that he ever had the potential to be something else. And Garrett has fully capitalized on that. 

Finally, I want to say that yes, Ward has done some truly terrible things, and I know the fandom is losing faith in him, but I have never been more convinced that there is hope for Grant Ward- and for skyeward, when it comes to that. Skye is the one who brings him out of the darkness (“out of the shadows and into the light” can be completely turned on its head to mean a redemption arc). She’s the one who will bring Grant Douglas Ward “out of the dark water,” out of “the well” that he’s been trapped in his whole life. She has been his lifeline before, but more than that, this whole team has been his lifeline. Ward is the child who never healed, and Skye is the one who understands.

Ultimately, this show was never about superheroes, about gods and monsters. It’s about how ordinary people like Skye with extraordinary compassion and courage change us.

And I believe it has already changed Grant Ward. 

No matter what Ward does in the next episodes, no matter what he’s done in the past, this show has been about hope from the start, so don’t tell me there’s no hope for Ward. Don’t tell me that when it comes time for Ward to choose his loyalties, he’ll find out that he has the courage to throw the rope to the little brother at the bottom of the well, after all. Don’t tell me that Ward will give up the only family he has. Don’t tell me that redemption isn’t possible for this character. 

There is hope for Grant Ward. 

And that, I believe, is the greatest light in the darkness. 

Tagging people I follow who post skyeward stuff. Sorry if this is getting annoying, but if I tagged you it’s because a lot of people asked me to write a meta and you all changed your urls after this ep and I have no idea who is who anymore, or it’s because I LOVE what you post and would value your thoughts on this. ohifonlysomeonelovedyoux33 thisisagentskye jennieconvertible marysuepoots skyewward skyewardling skyewardsstan skyewardmaniacshipper skyeward-fitzsimmons-lover agentskyewardlove agentsofshield084 agentsoffitzsimmons agentskyward agentsoffandoms the-freckled-runner fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment ldjkitten74 drfitzy willyoukeepmypromise youcancallmeobsessed skyeward-youhave-ruined-me chloebennet4 jemmawatson 

If I missed any of you lovelies, I apologize. Like I said, everyone changed urls and didn’t mean to leave anyone out. If I follow you but you don’t follow me and have no idea who I am, I apologize. I’ve probably reblogged a shit-ton of your skyeward or AoS stuff and just wanted your thoughts. Okay, I’m done. Seriously. Why do I write these ridiculously long metas?

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My feels are all over the floor right now. This show is now so damn good and I ship Skyeward and FitzSimmons so much, gdi.

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Dad is traveling to McAllen next week and he told me he’ll let me know the address for the hotel he’ll be staying in so I can (finally!!!!) order my Stilinski hoodie!

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"Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart."
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*trips over responsibilities* parkour 

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I’m afraid we’ll always be
a book with the end pages ripped out.

— Madisen Kuhn, Does Time Truly Heal All Wounds?

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I’m so excited for tomorrow!!!!! I’m seeing one of my best friends at her uni making a big presentation on Mexican culture and art!


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Rae x Finn.


Rae x Finn.

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Still crying over how Stiles is Derek’s anchor. 

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